APAC Softball

April 12-15 (2017)

Message from the Athletic Council

HKIS hosts its final APAC of the year from April 13-16! 8 varsity softball teams from CA, SAS PX, SAS PD, ISB, CISS, Brent, and HKIS will be participating in this tournament. Come down and support your dragons! Schedule and livestream can be found on this page.

As usual, we wish our athletes the best of luck. We would like to thank the Booster Club for providing snacks to all our players. Another big thanks goes out to our host families, as they are homestaying over break. It's inconvenient timing, so thank you for stepping up and making arrangements for them!

Lastly, we'd like to thank the SDLT for taking time to set up a livestream. We really do appreciate their efforts throughout the school year, as it is a huge time commitment.

Best of luck this weekend. Go dragons!